Bonefull Chicken

Li had “bonefull chicken legs” (her words, and yes, multiple, and in contrast to our boneless chicken breasts) for dinner this evening. She definitely prefers her chicken bonefull.


It comes in waves, and those waves almost always seem to catch me off-guard: that sense of missing my son Ian after he leaves to go back to school. One would think, with this being his 10th and final (for now?) semester of college as he graduates in May, that I would be used to it by now. But, no.

I do OK for a while, and then one of these almost-palpable waves washes over me and I realize again how much I miss him and how much I enjoy being around him. One smacked me right before dinner this evening, pretty much out of the blue…

Ups and downs

Today, much more than most days, is going to be one of those days of both highs and lows: today marks Li’s 8th birthday (up) and Ian’s departure (down) as he heads back to Norman at the end of his holiday break and for his final semester of college before graduating.