“Real” life

Today’s the first day back to “real life” following vacation… and I’m not looking forward to most of it, between work (and the challenge of playing catch-up after a week away), Li jumping back into school and hockey, our other commitments, and a bunch of other out of the ordinary things (3 medical appointments, a parent-teacher conference, and a financial appointment) all piled into this week…

This, too…

Today, we head east for home.

This, too, must come to an end: today, we pack up and start east for home after a great week on the Oregon coast. Yesterday brought a bit of everything weather-wise to our walks on the beach: rain, wind, hail, thunder and lightning, brilliant sunshine. And a gorgeous sunset for our last evening…

Sunset on Rockaway Beach, OR (November 2018)
Sunset on Rockaway Beach, OR (November 2018)


I’m thankful for many things, blessed in more ways than I can count and in ways that it is too easy for me to take for granted.

On this day, I’m particularly thankful for this time with my family, in a place we love, with a chance to just relax together away from the cumulative press of our daily lives. It becomes too easy for me to get caught up in that press and lose sight of what matters around me.

Rockaway Beach, OR (November 2018)
Rockaway Beach, OR (November 2018)

Weather’s changing…

After three days of glorious sunny weather, we’re in for a change…

After three days of truly glorious sunny near-calm weather on the beach, we wake today to the sound of rain on the windows and, in the grey light of early morning, the sight of waves further up the beach than we’ve seen so far this trip despite high tide still being almost three hours away…

Yesterday’s sand castle has long since succumbed.

Sandcastling on Rockaway Beach, OR (November 2018)
Sandcastling on Rockaway Beach, OR (November 2018)

It’s Tuesday. (I think…)

Losing track of time…

It’s Tuesday. Or at least I think it is, if I’m doing the math right.

It’s one of the things I most relish about our now-traditional week of Thanksgiving on the Oregon coast: the blessing of losing track of time and date, surrounded by family, and the calming influence of sand and waves and salt air.

Ian at Cape Kiwanda, OR
Ian at Cape Kiwanda, OR (November 2018)