Yesterday, I learned a new word…

Yesterday, I learned a new word: weltschmerz, loosely defined by Patrick Rothfuss as that feeling of despair one feels when the world as it exists is not the world as one wishes it to be.

Now I have a name for it, that feeling…

It’s something I have been feeling (and thinking about) for the past couple years, and more recently, thinking about in conjunction with feeling incredibly grateful for how richly I am actually blessed. It’s an odd combination (contradiction?) of feelings.

Today, more than most days, I try to focus on that gratitude.

A couple more firsts

A few more firsts and a vocabulary update

A couple more firsts — not necessarily momentous like steps or words — but firsts, nonetheless. We went to Salt Lake City over the weekend to see Real Salt Lake play the Columbus Crew, so Li saw her first MLS match. While there, Li had her first experience with Indian food when we had dinner at Star of India in downtown SLC. She actually didn’t like as much of it as I might have thought, given her preference for flavorful and spicy food, but there were a couple of things she really enjoyed (mango kulfi, for one, but that wasn’t a surprise!). We spent a couple hours at the Tracy Aviary there, too, and she was fascinated with some of the birds.

Li is talking a bit more, too, which is a bit more momentous. Her vocabulary includes “up” with a sort of soft “p” on the end that is really cute, along with “duck”, “doggie”, “kitty” (hmmm, a theme here?). She loves to make animal sounds and does a hilarious “meh” for a goat complete with the appropriate little waver in there, and she’s working “moo”, “woof”, “oink”, “quack”, and we even heard a soft “cock-a-doodle-doo” once. She’s also got “ba-ba”, “this”, and an occasional “ma-ma”. We haven’t heard “een” (for Ian) for awhile, but it is there, too. We’ve also taught her a few signs to help (she has “juice”, “hungry”, “change”, “bath”, “book”, “more”) and she definitely has “yes” and “no”, although we see the “no” much more frequently.

And, last for this post but not least, Ian finished Driver’s Ed last night. Consider yourself warned.