Past week

Gone for most of last week on work-related travel to DC, and just now catching up:

  • My travel mojo is alive and well: I made it home without any interruptions or delays for a change, but awoke on the date of my scheduled departure to find a text message from Delta indicating my first leg had been canceled and that I had been rebooked on a different set of flights arriving (thankfully) very late the same day.
  • A new CFML server showed up last week: Lucee, a fork from Railo and which likely spells the end of Railo as a thing. I’ve deployed it via Tomcat on two of the systems where I do development so that I can play with it a bit.
  • 4,700 spam comments on various entries in my blog. Ugh.
  • TUAW is being shut down. Ugh. That’s a loss, as TUAW has been one of my go-to sites for keeping tab on all things Apple, Mac OS X, and iOS.


We’re on vacation. I really like the sound of that. I’m sitting on a couch in the living room of our rented townhouse on the beach on the Oregon coast, watching the fog slowly lighten as the sun begins to come up and listening to the waves roll in, as Li and Deb sleep off the effects of 800+ miles in the car.

Eastern Oregon
Eastern Oregon @ 65mph: I had forgotten how pretty this part of the state can be...

This is our first real vacation since we got Li, and she traveled far better than we might have hoped: she did great in the car and although she took quite a bit longer to fall asleep, it lacked much of the drama of our “travels” the past few years. We stopped briefly in Boise to leave a huge bag of peaches for Deb’s folks and then made it as far as Ontario. We left Ontario after breakfast; I was reminded again of how pretty eastern Oregon (after Ontario) actually is. The rain started at The Dalles — intermittent rain, thankfully — but let up long enough for us just to get misted on at Multnomah Falls (pix coming). Heavy rain and heavy traffic through Portland (where “heavy” probably really means “light”, but you have to consider the source), and steady rain all the way to “home” on the coast.

Li saw and felt the Pacific Ocean yesterday evening for the first time. After a day and a half in the car, we grabbed a bite for dinner, found what passes for a grocery store in a tiny Oregon coast town, and then Li and I headed down to the water. It had rained all afternoon as we drove and was actually still raining when we arrived, but by the time we were done with dinner the rain had stopped and the fog had started rolling in… but we were determined we were going to the beach. Early evening, fog, surf, seagulls, and the two of us… and she laughed and giggled and ran from the waves and laughed when they caught us and washed the sand from under her feet as they slid back out.

“How big is it, Dad?” “Really big, Li; it goes all the way to China.” “Wow…”

A week in Phoenix

I spent pretty much all of last week in Phoenix… yeah, I know: a week in Phoenix in mid-July — not a great idea, but also not my fault. I was there for a Federal conference associated with work. It was hot, like in the 115 degree F range. I’m not sure I’ve felt heat like that before, but truth be told, it wasn’t all that bad mostly because it was also incredibly dry. Having said that, it definitely is not something I would want to deal with either for an extended period or on an every-day basis. It has been warm here at home, but the biggest difference is that where Phoenix gets down to about 90 degrees at night, we get a nice drop from the mid-90’s during the day to upper 40’s or low 50’s at night.

We had very good Thai food close to the hotel one evening at a little place called “Thai Elephant”, and decent (if unspectacular) food the rest of the time. For a change the convention center hosting the conference wasn’t freezing (with the exception of just one of the presentation rooms). Our presentations went fairly well, although we are always curious to see the evaluations we get back from the attendees…

And we finished the trip off in style, keeping my travel streak alive and well: our flight Thursday evening out of Phoenix was almost two hours late leaving due to a maintenance issue, so we missed our connection in Salt Lake City and got to spend the night in SLC before heading home (finally) at mid-day Friday.

The streak continues…

… my streak of bad luck traveling. OK, not seriously bad luck, but just enough to make one wonder.

I’m in DC this week — traveling with Jeff — for work, and rather than wait for the trip home at the end of the week to continue my stretch of some sort of travel anomaly, we decided to get it going early this time: some sort of failure on the “igniters” on the plane scheduled to take us from Salt Lake to Cincinnati as they started the engines to leave. (Igniters? Sounds more like something we’d find on a rocket…)

An hour and a half later, we left Salt Lake which meant of course we just missed our connection in Cincinnati, so we got to hang out in the Cincinnati airport and enjoy a (not-so-fine) dining experience there rather than somewhere good (read: with food) in DC. The interesting part about just missing our connection is that our bags made the connection and were waiting for us in at the Delta luggage place in the bowels of the airport. Of course, we only went there because our bags didn’t come out at the baggage claim place for our flight. Go figure…

A good thing: our hotel is right next door to a 24-hour CVS, so Jeff is in CVS heaven this week.