A week in Phoenix

I spent pretty much all of last week in Phoenix… yeah, I know: a week in Phoenix in mid-July — not a great idea, but also not my fault. I was there for a Federal conference associated with work. It was hot, like in the 115 degree F range. I’m not sure I’ve felt heat like that before, but truth be told, it wasn’t all that bad mostly because it was also incredibly dry. Having said that, it definitely is not something I would want to deal with either for an extended period or on an every-day basis. It has been warm here at home, but the biggest difference is that where Phoenix gets down to about 90 degrees at night, we get a nice drop from the mid-90’s during the day to upper 40’s or low 50’s at night.

We had very good Thai food close to the hotel one evening at a little place called “Thai Elephant”, and decent (if unspectacular) food the rest of the time. For a change the convention center hosting the conference wasn’t freezing (with the exception of just one of the presentation rooms). Our presentations went fairly well, although we are always curious to see the evaluations we get back from the attendees…

And we finished the trip off in style, keeping my travel streak alive and well: our flight Thursday evening out of Phoenix was almost two hours late leaving due to a maintenance issue, so we missed our connection in Salt Lake City and got to spend the night in SLC before heading home (finally) at mid-day Friday.