Past week

Gone for a week, and just now catching up.

Gone for most of last week on work-related travel to DC, and just now catching up:

  • My travel mojo is alive and well: I made it home without any interruptions or delays for a change, but awoke on the date of my scheduled departure to find a text message from Delta indicating my first leg had been canceled and that I had been rebooked on a different set of flights arriving (thankfully) very late the same day.
  • A new CFML server showed up last week: Lucee, a fork from Railo and which likely spells the end of Railo as a thing. I’ve deployed it via Tomcat on two of the systems where I do development so that I can play with it a bit.
  • 4,700 spam comments on various entries in my blog. Ugh.
  • TUAW is being shut down. Ugh. That’s a loss, as TUAW has been one of my go-to sites for keeping tab on all things Apple, Mac OS X, and iOS.

Spam (again? still?)

Headed into uncharted territory at this point, as we’ve already passed last year’s blog spam count.

Somewhere in the past couple days, we passed last year’s high water mark of 75,333 spam comments on this blog, and now we venture into the last 3.5 months of the calendar in uncharted territory on a pace that should see us clear 100,000 total for the year (if we just do a straight-line extrapolation from the numbers year-to-date).


And three more have come in while I write this…

Recent comment problems?

I discovered yesterday we were having problems accepting new posts and possibly new comments here. I believe I have the problem resolved at this point. If you have submitted comments over the past two since mid-January and have not see your comment approved, my apologies… please resubmit your feedback or questions.

End of summer and Cyrillic spam

The first snow of the season marks the real end of summer, despite being a ways from the end of the fall soccer season; ratatouille last night for dinner and a full plate of Cyrillic spam before breakfast this morning.

It’s official: we’re done with summer. We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. (I suppose you could say it actually ended midweek last week when we had snow on the hills around town, but I didn’t want to rush things.) Of course, we’ve still got a little over a month of soccer left… so I’m hoping for at least a little bit of an upward trend in temperatures from where we are forecast to be this week. Hoping, but not holding my breath…

Our garden has long since been cleaned out, since we’ve had a couple hard frosts over the past week or so. We used up some of our zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, and peppers in a nice ratatouille last night (the first time I’ve tried making it) — a great way to use up some of the piles of produce we have from the garden.

On the spam front, I woke up to 31 spam messages on my blog which pushes the total number to almost 1,000 since I started accepting comments on some posts. (Again, I am very grateful for the Akismet plugin within WordPress.) The difference today: all 31 were posted in Cyrillic.