A Few Odd Bits

A few odd bits, given that I seem to lack the time to post much more than that, these days…

  • Looking over the blog traffic for September, half the traffic was for the TiddlyWiki I set up for the junior high soccer teams for this fall season. Not surprising, given the absence of much of anything else new on the site these days. Overall, traffic was about even with August.
  • We’re officially out of summer; more to come on that, I think.
  • Been doing a bit of reading, but unfortunately most of it has been on the technical side. I’ll post more there, too, perhaps. The highlight, however, has been “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini: haunting, gripping, beautiful, and heartbreaking at times.
  • Been looking a bit at OpenID, both from a work perspective and for use here. I’ve got a bit of cleanup to do here, as well, given a couple of updates to WordPress and plugins.