Komodo-CFML v0.2.1: Support for ColdFusion 10

I have updated Komodo-CFML to provide preliminary support for Adobe’s ColdFusion 10 (ACF10) CFML language changes in ActiveState‘s Komodo IDE and Edit editors. I’m calling it “preliminary” at this time because ACF10 is in beta and because I have manually harvested these language changes from Adobe’s “ColdFusion 10 Beta New Features Notes” document (available here). I expect there to be some tuning of these changes by the time ACF10 becomes real. I also have a couple questions open on the ACF10 beta forums asking for clarification on items I see in the Adobe notes document that appear to be omissions or inconsistencies.

This version also includes a handful of minor fixes to errors and inconsistencies in the ACF9.01 tags and attributes that I noticed in assembling the changes to support ACF10, so even if you are not yet interested in playing with the ACF10 beta I’d recommend updating to this version of the editor extension.

To switch to the ACF10 tags and attributes, change the “Default HTML Document Type”  selection in Komodo’s preferences at Preferences > Languages > HTML to refer to the  entry toward the bottom of the provided list identified as “-//WE3GEEKS//DTD HTML 5 + CFML (Adobe ColdFusion 10)//EN”.

Download: cfml-0.2.1-ko.xpi

And, as always, feedback is welcome.

Komodo-CFML v0.2.0 Preview (11/2011)

I’ve spent a bit of time this past month or so getting back into my Komodo-CFML project, and have an updated preview available for the 0.2.0 release. This update is based on the following changes:

  • Built against the recently released v. 7.0.0b1 Komodo from ActiveState, but I’ve tested it against the current v. 6.1.x versions of both Komodo IDE and Edit. On a related note, this 7.0.0b1 build is the first of the 7-series I’ve considered stable enough for regular use; if you aren’t using it yet, you might consider at least pulling down a copy and giving it a go (you can have both versions installed concurrently, at least on Mac OS X by appropriately [re]naming the various installs).
  • Updated to incorporate some changes to Komodo’s HTML/JavaScript modes, such as appropriate syntax highlighting of JavaScript code within onXXX() handlers in HTML tags.
  • Much better/more complete handling of Adobe CF 9’s script-only components and interfaces.
  • Some minor fixes in the CFML/CFSCRIPT syntax highlighting.
  • Some minor changes (and some backtracking) in the content model for CFML. I may write more on this at some point, but I may have taken this about as far as I can.

My plan at this point is to address some consistency issues in the tokenizing of different syntax elements that are common across the various languages Komodo-CFML addresses (e.g., parens and braces) and to start working on the XML catalog for Railo’s CFML implementation (possibly along with a unified CFML XML catalog). I have also been doing a bit of work on a different dark color scheme for Komodo based on Chris Kempson’s “Tomorrow” series, and am getting close to making a version of that available.

Download: cfml-0.2.0-ko.xpi

Solarized Color Schemes for Komodo

Partial screenshot showing CFML rendered in Komodo using Solarized-Dark
Solarized-Dark color scheme for Komodo

As promised, I’ve added a dark version of my color scheme for ActiveState’s Komodo (IDE and Edit) platform based on Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized palette. All of the same caveats apply from my previous post when I announced the light version. You are welcome to use and abuse these as you see fit. If you see problems with them, by all means let me know.

Download: Solarized-Dark.ksf
Download: Solarized-Light.ksf