Komodo 8.5 bug breaks Komodo-CFML tag attribute support

ActiveState released a new version of Komodo Edit/IDE today, but it has a regression which breaks certain parts of Komodo-CFML.

ActiveState released Komodo v8.5 (both Edit and IDE) today. If you are a user of Komodo-CFML, be aware that v8.5 has a regression from previous versions which breaks Komodo-CFML’s support for CFML tag attributes. In my testing so far, syntax highlighting seems to still be fully functional. According to the bug report (filed based on my testing in one of the later v8.5 betas), the fix for this has been pushed out to the next point release.

Other than my one “guinea pig” system where I’ve been playing with the pre-releases, I don’t plan to update Komodo on my systems until this one is resolved.

Minor Update to Komodo-TaskJuggler

Following a comment I received earlier this week from a user of my Komodo extension for TaskJuggler project files, I have posted an updated version of that extension:

Download: taskjuggler-0.1.1-ko.xpi

This version should work in all 8.* versions of Komodo Edit and IDE. It has been updated to provide syntax highlighting based on the current documentation for TaskJuggler v3.5.0.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

Komodo-CFML: Minor update

Minor update to Komodo-CFML available, including compatibility with ActiveState’s recently-announced Komodo 8 preview

I posted an updated version of Komodo-CFML for download. Nothing really significant, but there are a few minor changes to the syntax highlighting for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in CFML files for consistency with the Komodo-provided highlighting in separate files of those types. In addition, this version will successfully install and work in the recently-announced Komodo 8 alpha releases.

Komodo Language Support for TaskJuggler

I’ve been using TaskJuggler (a project scheduling tool which uses plain-text input files) a bit over the past nine months and finally got around to implementing some rudimentary language support for it in ActiveState’s Komodo. An initial release, tagged v0.1.0, is available to download. Feedback welcome.

I’ve been using TaskJuggler on an off-and-on basis over the past nine months or so; it’s a reasonably full-featured project scheduling tool, written in Ruby and using a plain-text input file to define all aspects of the project (resources, tasks, task dependencies, etc.). The syntax for the input files is reasonably straightforward, but I’d been wishing for a bit of syntax-highlighting support in working with those input files. Enter ActiveState’s Komodo v7 and the Komodo team’s focus on making it a little simpler to throw together support for additional languages in Komodo… the result is basic (at this early juncture) support for TaskJuggler input files.

Screenshot of TaskJuggler syntax highlighting in Komodo
Syntax highlighting for TaskJuggler project files in ActiveState’s Komodo editor/IDE

I recognize there is a very limited audience for this particular language in Komodo: supporting TaskJuggler input files is probably not going to be what sways people looking for a text editor toward Komodo. That being said, with Komodo being my primary editor for most tasks, having support for TaskJuggler made sense at least for my own use. And who knows? Maybe it will be of use to one or two other TaskJuggler users.

This early version (tagged as v0.1.0) provides basic language syntax highlighting, a bit of language intelligence, and some basic macros to

  • provide language help,
  • check the syntax of TaskJuggler files, and
  • implement Komodo abbreviations for the two most common TaskJuggler commands (“resource”, “task”)

Download it, install it as you would any other Komodo extension, and have at it.

Download: taskjuggler-0.1-ko.xpi

I still have a fair amount of work ahead refine some of the subtleties of how the TaskJuggler language is parsed to be a little more context-aware as it tokenizes the language. I’m also very open to suggestions as to what sorts of additional macros and abbreviations would add value to be bundled with the “TaskJuggler Tools” installed with the extension.

Feedback definitely welcome; leave comments below…

Update (July 18, 2013): Minor update to work in the 8.* builds of Komodo IDE/Edit. No other changes.