Komodo-CFML: A quick status update (2014-11)

It’s been a bit since I’ve said anything here about Komodo-CFML, and thought a quick update would be appropriate.

As of last weekend, I finally was able to get a version of Komodo-CFML to work successfully on the version 9 alpha builds of Komodo IDE ActiveState has made available beginning earlier this year. I had hoped this not be a big deal, but it ended up taking quite a bit more time and effort than I had hoped. In the end, I resorted to rebuilding the plumbing for the language extension from the ground up in order to get it to work. So, that’s done (and I am currently using v9 with Komodo-CFML as my primary CFML editor on a daily basis).

With that hurdle out of the way, my intent is to get back to implementing tag/attribute support for both Adobe ColdFusion 11 and Railo 4.2. I’m also including a handful of useful (to me, anyway) macros with the language extension.¬†I’ve made a small handful of minor tweaks to the language syntax highlighting, most of which are in the handling of CFSCRIPT syntax as I use it more and more rather than tag-based coding.

I’m hoping to have a version 0.2.4 with all of this available by the late November timeframe, shooting for something around Thanksgiving. If you are using Komodo-CFML and want to use it with the early versions of Komodo IDE v9, let me know in the comments below and I will send you my current working version with v9 support.

Base16-based Schemes for Komodo

I’ve been working intermittently on a small set of color schemes for ActiveState Komodo based on Chris Kempson’s Base16 color palette. These have reached a point where I feel OK sharing them for others to use, if interested:

I should point out that these are not “pure” Base16 schemes as there are individual settings in each theme which do not hold completely to the Base16 palettes. In most cases, these are settings where I have tuned particular settings for different contrast (e.g., comments, in at least one of them) based on my own preferences. I should also note that, based on my own tuning, I have not looked closely at setting up templates to create these with Mr. Kempson’s related Base16-Builder project but I plan to go down that road in the near future to see if that is workable.

It’s probably also worth pointing out that, for the most part, any language-specific color settings in these schemes are focused primarily on the languages I use (mostly Web-related stuff) so if I’ve missed your languages or your languages don’t seem to follow the Base16 palette, you may want to do some tweaking yourself. I’m also willing to factor those types of changes back into these as they evolve, hopefully both toward use of the Base16-Builder but also so they can be shared via Komodo’s Resources.

Edit 2014-05-14: These schemes specify¬†Adobe’s Source Code Pro for use as the monospaced font. If you don’t have this font installed, you’ll almost certainly want to switch to your font of choice as your first tweak.

Komodo-TaskJuggler v. 0.1.2

I’ve been using TaskJuggler a bit more at work recently to develop and maintain project schedules, and decided it was time to do a bit more work on my Komodo extension for the TaskJuggler language. This update doesn’t have anything earth-shaking, but does address a few of the more glaring items on my to-do list:

  • User-defined macros are now syntax-highlighted in the same manner as system macros like “projectstart”.
  • More complete highlighting for secondary keywords and column identifiers used in the various types of reports.
  • The “up” and “down” suffixes used to control column sorting in reports are now highlighted.
  • Fixed a couple highlighting oddities related to the overlap between attributes and report column identifiers (where there is a conflict, attributes win).
  • Some minor cleanup in the mode’s UDL file to remove unused kruft leftover from how Komodo sets up projects.

Download the updated version: taskjuggler-0.1.2-ko.xpi

Hey, that’s me!

ActiveState recently stood up a new Web site specifically for Komodo IDE/Edit (which I find encouraging, as I have long felt that it wasn’t featured prominently enough of the ActiveState site) and have been tweeting quite a bit about Komodo the past few weeks (also encouraging). As part of that effort that seems focused on raising the visibility of what I have long felt to be a tremendously powerful general-purpose code IDE/Editor that isn’t horribly bloated and sluggish (yup, that’s looking at you Eclipse!), the Komodo team kicked off a promotion to give away a couple of licenses based on submitting a screenshot of your Komodo set-up.

So I did. And I won…

I am grateful for the license (and their comments about my entry). As a long-time user of Komodo (I use Edit at home, and IDE at work), I have always been impressed by both the product and the quality and level of support provided by the people behind it. And I am glad to see that ActiveState is taking an active role to raise its visibility — that seems to me to bode well for its future.

With some of the recent/upcoming changes to the CFML language from both the Railo and Adobe ColdFusion product updates, I’ll be digging back into my Komodo-CFML language extension for some updates in the coming weeks.