Halloween Pix

The world's cutest lady bug (11/2009)
The world's cutest lady bug (Oct 2009)

As promised, a couple of pictures from Halloween this year. The first is, as you can clearly see, the world’s cutest lady bug! (Or “leggy bug”, somewhat ironically, in Li-speak.) She was really excited about her costume — including the hat with the little antennae — which is always a question, but made it really easy to get her ready to go visit a few of the neighbors’ houses. There were a couple of houses with scary music or where the people answering the door were dressed in scary costumes that threw her off a little bit, but for the most part she did great. We’d been working on getting her to say the “trick or treat!” part of it (“No, you say it, Daddy!”) and after the first house, where she would only whisper it, she got the hang of it…

A couple of hippies that showed up and agreed to cover door-duty on Halloween
A couple of hippies that showed up and agreed to cover door-duty on Halloween (Oct 2009)

We also recently found the hippie on the left living in our basement. He and his friend Fi agreed to cover front-door duty for trick-or-treaters, including serenading them accompanied by guitar, as we took the little lady bug on her neighborhood rounds, which worked out well…

More Assorted Shorts (11/2009)

More to come on some of these as we get our lives at least marginally back under control as soccer winds down for the fall…

  • We’ve got Halloween pix coming; you’ll want to keep an eye out for those in the next couple days!
  • On the Linux front, Ubuntu 9.10 is out as of late last week. I pushed one of my older boxes to it with reasonable success. Not much more there to say other than the startup and shutdown times are impressive, even on old hardware. Brown hasn’t done much for me lately.
  • The time change is wreaking havoc on our mornings at this point, particularly with Li.
  • The first pre-release of Firefox 3.6 is out, but I haven’t had a chance yet to pull it down and give it a try. At least on the surface, the only interesting aspect is the return of some eye candy regarding switching tabs. Also on the browser front, Google Chrome continue to progress, but the continued absence of the ability to control default font sizes on Mac OS X is mystifying.
  • Ian wrapped up his high school soccer career with a trip to the state tournament in Boise in late October. Odd to think that’s over and done with; odder to think that I am going to be saying that more and more over the next few months as he works his way through his senior year.
  • Done a bit of reading, although little of it was worth noting aside from “South of Broad” by Pat Conroy. I haven’t read anything by him for several years and this was a great reminder of how much I love his writing.
  • On the movie front, go see “500 Days of Summer” if you haven’t yet and can still find it in a theater. Best movie we’ve seen in a very long time.

The Great (Little) Pumpkin

Our little pumpkin
Our little pumpkin

Li’s first Halloween passed last weekend. We aren’t one of those families that go crazy over Halloween. We did want to have her at least do a little bit of visiting with neighbors, so Deb had started working on a costume for her earlier this fall. She’d found a pattern for a cute bunny rabbit costume, but it became pretty obvious that it wasn’t going to work fairly quickly. Deb started with the hood that has the big floppy ears, and although Li would laugh when one of use wore it, she had no interest at all in allowing us to put it on her head. So we had to come up with a different idea…

Some friends had given Li a nice warm, orange pair of fleece pants and matching top, and Deb’s idea was to use it to turn Li into a little jack o’lantern…

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Here’s the result: we thought it turned out pretty well and Li loved it. We wondered how long the stem and leaves would be allowed to stay on her head, but she seemed to really like it. She seemed a little dubious about the whole concept of going to visit several of our neighbors at first, but as soon as she figured out they would fawn over her and give her treats, she started to get into it. The little legs didn’t last long, but she had a great time visiting a few of our friends.