A Blue Heron

Not to be confused with a red herring…

Although I didn’t start out with this particular destination in mind, I have a new and different distribution of Linux running on my laptop as of late Friday. With previews available of upcoming releases of both Fedora and openSUSE, I had intended to try one of those two distros for a bit while I await the next release of Linux Mint (which is currently my distro of choice). Having pulled down images for those two previews, I got started early Friday morning trying to get both of them running — and failed. Bad installation image for Fedora 9’s preview (despite the checksum on the download being correct) and openSUSE’s 11 beta 1 just doesn’t work on my laptop well enough to keep there. So what to do, having dropped my installed Linux Mint?

Ubuntu 8.04, codenamed “Hardy Heron”, was released on Thursday, so I figured I had nothing to lose at this point in pulling down a copy and trying it. I’ve used Ubuntu in the past, so I knew what to expect. Installation and support for the hardware on this particular box has always been quite good in Ubuntu and this version didn’t break that string.

Blue version of Ubuntu 8.04

I’ve never been crazy about Ubuntu’s orange/brown color scheme, however, so the first thing after installation was to start tweaking and prodding to get it to look like something I can use. Installation of the “blubuntu-*” packages via synaptic, some image assistance from Ian to get a blue version of the default heron desktop image, and some tweaking of my .conkyrc to fit from a color perspective… and I think this will work for now. I still need to get most of my local stuff installed and working again (apache, MySQL, Komodo, etc.) but I don’t anticipate any problems there based on past experience. I’m sure I will take a hard look at the next version of Linux Mint when it comes out — particularly for our main box here at home — but I’m OK with this on my laptop for now.