Happy Birthday, Li!

Tuesday was Li’s second birthday, and with it being so close to Christmas we kept things pretty low key.

Tuesday marked Li’s second birthday (her first with us). With it being so close to Christmas (and with Christmas extended out through early January with both Deb’s folks and my folks visiting over the holidays), we kept the birthday celebration pretty low key. The combination of Christmas, Ian home from school, me home from work, and company in the house has wreaked havoc on any sort of routine we’ve established and it has shown these past couple of weeks particularly in her sleep patterns (and in ours, as a result). So low key seemed a good thing. We had already decided that we will make a little bigger deal in celebrating “Gotcha Day” in a couple months…

Li celebrates her birthday with a bowl of ice cream; not green tea ice cream, but not bad!
Li celebrates her birthday with a bowl of ice cream; not green tea ice cream, but not bad!

Take-away Chinese for dinner, a couple of gifts (which after getting to celebrate Christmas three times in less than two weeks, she is now really good at unwrapping), and two (or “TWO!”, as she says it) lit candles in her ice cream. The look on her face was pretty funny as we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. I don’t know if she was thinking “Why are they singing to me?”, “What’s that noise they’re making?”, or “Why are there lit candles in my ice cream?”

Deb and Li check out a birthday present
Deb and Li check out a birthday present

New Music for a New Year

New year, new music: Elvis Costello, Wilburys, Robert Plant & Alison Kraus

We spent part of the Christmas holiday break over in Boise, so Ian and I had a chance to zip into the Record Exchange downtown for a couple hours to poke around. It is one of those places that we just don’t have here at home, where you can find just about anything you might be looking for in terms of music… I walked out with the following:

  • “The Best of Elvis Costello — The First 10 Years”: I was hoping, probably unrealistically, to find a copy of “Armed Forces” with my favorite track “What’s So Funny (About Peace, Love, and Understanding)” but when I looked at what was in this collection, I couldn’t pass it up. 22 tracks covering that 10 year period, and the progression and evolution of his (and his bands’) sound is amazing to listen to. Highlights, in addition to “What’s So Funny” include the early sound from “Watching the Detectives” and the richness of “Good Year for the Roses” and “Beyond Belief”.
  • “The Traveling Wilburys – Volume 3”: I had been trying to find a copy of this for several years, and the Exchange had a couple in the used bin. An amazing collaboration of talent, and an all-around pleasure to listen to them. Just fun to have on the box.

I should have written earlier about this next one, but just never got around to it last yeaar. By far the best album for 2007 in my opinion is the Robert Plant/Allison Kraus collaboration on “Raising Sand”. Pour yourself a glass of red wine, put it in, turn it up, and just let it wash over you.