Seven Years

Yesterday, we celebrated seven years with Li.

Yesterday, we celebrated seven years with Li. Seven years…

Sort of a mind-boggling figure in some ways.

Part of that celebration was looking back at what led up to that day in Nanchang, and the days and weeks immediately after, both through the lenses of our collective memories and through what I captured here (which was a great reminder to me of why I occasionally scribble something here and a strong encouragement for me to continue doing so).

Blog Traffic

Yesterday, a co-worker pointed out to me that Web traffic from our network to my blog is blocked; that made me wonder what sort of traffic numbers I was seeing here.

Yesterday, a co-worker pointed out to me that the proxy/monitoring software “they” use on our network was now blocking traffic to my blog. This is something relatively recent, which made me curious about what level of traffic I get here from my work domain, particularly given that the overall traffic numbers have really never been all that impressive. Clearly, I’m serving a very discerning albeit small readership…

Google Analytics makes answering a question like that incredibly simple. I pulled traffic numbers for the period from 1 January 2009 through today, and found

  • 1,339 total visits
  • 1,958 page views
  • an average of 1.46 pages/visit
  • an average time on site of 0:00:50

Like I said, not all that impressive overall. So, what do the numbers look like for visits from my work network for that same period?

  • 97 visits
  • 1.88 pages/visit
  • an average of 0:00:37 on site

Yup, that works out to less than one visit every two days. Like I said: not all that impressive. Maybe it is the subversive nature of the content…

Fugue Icons

I just stumbled across a huge set (1,700+) of freely available icons from the same artist that created the Pi Diagona icon set… amazing work!

I just stumbled across this… I’ve used the Pi Diagona icon set for a couple of little test projects and have always been impressed by the quality of these, particularly in looking at what the artist has done with the 10 x 10 pixel set. In going to pull down another copy of the Diagona icons this morning for my on-going effort to develop a new theme for my blog (hinted at previously and coming soon, I promise), I came across the artist’s new “Fugue” icon set: an amazing set of over 1,700 icons rendered in PNG format at 16 x 16 pixels. Amazing!

Even more amazing is that these icons are freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license or can be purchased under a royalty-free license for under $50 (USD). Expect to see these icons here in the near future…

WordPress 2.7 — wow!

Ran a quick upgrade to get my blog to the newly-released WordPress 2.7, and my first reaction is “Wow!”

WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” was released yesterday and given that I had a few minutes to spare this morning, I went ahead and upgraded. As has typically been the case for me in the past, the upgrade went flawlessly (at least, as far as I can tell) and took less than 5 minutes. The only kink I ran into was that I needed to flush by browser’s cache/history because something in there was causing the administrative interface to go wonky. I’d sit on either the dashboard or the “Add New Post” page without touching anything, and after about 5 seconds the page would auto-reload to a page showing what appeared to be the formatting buttons used in HTML mode. All is, however, now well.

All I can say at this point is “Wow!” The WordPress team has given it a major overhaul. It looks and acts completely different. It’s definitely faster, more customizable, and much more polished.

WordPress Upgrade

Finally got around to updating to the latest WordPress and the latest version of a couple of the plugins that I use (including Akisment). Uploading the files to the server took longer than the actual upgrade…

That’s about the extent of anything I’ve managed to accomplish with respect to the blog lately.