Spam (again? still?)

Headed into uncharted territory at this point, as we’ve already passed last year’s blog spam count.

Somewhere in the past couple days, we passed last year’s high water mark of 75,333 spam comments on this blog, and now we venture into the last 3.5 months of the calendar in uncharted territory on a pace that should see us clear 100,000 total for the year (if we just do a straight-line extrapolation from the numbers year-to-date).


And three more have come in while I write this…

Recent comment problems?

I discovered yesterday we were having problems accepting new posts and possibly new comments here. I believe I have the problem resolved at this point. If you have submitted comments over the past two since mid-January and have not see your comment approved, my apologies… please resubmit your feedback or questions.

Yeah, it looks a little different

Observant readers will note that things look a little different around here; I’m not quite done tweaking, so ping me in the comments if you find breakage.

Observant readers will note that things look a little different around here, and there is actually more at work here than just a new coat of paint: new version of WordPress, new theme, new version of PHP under the hood. I’m not quite done reworking all of the plumbing and I still need to hang some pictures. Ping me via the comment-stream if you find breakage as I continue tweaking and tuning.

WordPress 2.8 Upgrade

Auto-upgrade failed, but the manual upgrade went flawlessly and took less than 10 minutes.

Auto-upgrade failed, but I actually didn’t expect it to work given past experience with .x level upgrades. The manual upgrade, however, went flawlessly and took less than 10 minutes. The auto-upgrade seems to work on .x.y level version changes, but this is the second time that it has failed at the .x level, and is likely more a function of the hosting than the WordPress software itself. From my perspective, the manual steps to upgrade are easy enough (at least for me), that it really isn’t a big deal.

The biggest thing I notice about the new version is that it seems faster, which makes sense given some of the changes they have made to the underlying blogging engine. Now back to work on that updated theme for the blog… No, really. I’m working on it. Really, I am.