Browser beta heaven

Four pre-releases from four different browsers… maybe even five.

I just realized a bit ago that for the first time I can ever remember, I have four different browsers installed on my Mac that are all in some form of pre-release state:

  • Safari 4 is a public beta
  • Firefox 3.5 beta 4
  • Opera just released their first beta of version 10
  • Google just announced that Chrome is now available as a first (pre-)alpha for the Mac (and Linux) platforms

I think the only “official” release I might have would be Camino 1.6.7, but I so rarely use it that I tend to forget I even have it installed. And even there, I could have 2.0 beta 3 installed if I chose to — maybe I will just so that I could say I have five — since they just announced a new beta…

Edit (06.09.2009): One down, as Safari 4 hits official status.
Edit (06.20.2009): Firefox 3.5 shifts to release candidate status.
Edit (06.30.2009): Two down, as Firefox 3.5 goes official.