colophon: In publishing, a colophon describes details of the production of a book. This information generally includes the typefaces used, and often the names of their designers; the paper, ink and details of the binding materials and methods may also receive mention. In the case of technical books, a colophon may specify the software used to prepare the text and diagrams for publication.

the site

This site is published and maintained using WordPress. The theme used here is a tweaked version of the Twenty Sixteen theme included with the WordPress distribution.

I rely on the excellent Akismet WP plugin to keep most of the kruft out of the comments queue. I was originally reluctant to enable comments for fear of a spam landslide, but so far Akismet has allowed just one thin slice of spam through (just 89 missed out of over 425,000 over a period dating back to 2008) and has had zero (yes, zero) false positives, with an accuracy rate in excess of 99.98%.

I welcome and moderate comments, so do chime in if you have something to say but also be patient if you don’t see your feedback or questions appear immediately.

I use Google Analytics to track traffic to the site, and while the statistics themselves are not all that impressive, the tool itself is extraordinary and continues to become even more so.

I also use this site as a place to post information about other stuff I am working (e.g., projects like a Komodo extension for CFML).

the author

christian. husband. father. son. uncle. friend. soccer coach. soccer fan. soccer player. reader. web geek. more to come…