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Spam (again? still?)

Somewhere in the past couple days, we passed last year’s high water mark of 75,333 spam comments on this blog, and now we venture into the last 3.5 months of the calendar in uncharted territory on a pace that should see us clear 100,000 total for the year (if we just do a straight-line extrapolation from the numbers year-to-date).


And three more have come in while I write this…

Komodo 8.5 bug breaks Komodo-CFML tag attribute support

ActiveState released Komodo v8.5 (both Edit and IDE) today. If you are a user of Komodo-CFML, be aware that v8.5 has a regression from previous versions which breaks Komodo-CFML’s support for CFML tag attributes. In my testing so far, syntax highlighting seems to still be fully functional. According to the bug report (filed based on my testing in one of the later v8.5 betas), the fix for this has been pushed out to the next point release.

Other than my one “guinea pig” system where I’ve been playing with the pre-releases, I don’t plan to update Komodo on my systems until this one is resolved.

Minor Update to Komodo-TaskJuggler

Following a comment I received earlier this week from a user of my Komodo extension for TaskJuggler project files, I have posted an updated version of that extension:

Download: taskjuggler-0.1.1-ko.xpi

This version should work in all 8.* versions of Komodo Edit and IDE. It has been updated to provide syntax highlighting based on the current documentation for TaskJuggler v3.5.0.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.

Recent comment problems?

I discovered yesterday we were having problems accepting new posts and possibly new comments here. I believe I have the problem resolved at this point. If you have submitted comments over the past two since mid-January and have not see your comment approved, my apologies… please resubmit your feedback or questions.