Komodo-CFML: Pause

ActiveState recently release v11 of their Komodo IDE/Editor. Although it has some very appealing updates, it also breaks my Komodo-CFML language extension. As a result, any updates to Komodo-CFML are on hold. In the meantime, I’m trying some alternatives to Komodo. Suggestions welcome…

ActiveState recently released a new version of their IDE and editor, Komodo. For the first time in several years and many versions (back to at least v6.x), I do not have an update to my Komodo-CFML language extension that works with this new version. Some of the updates in Komodo v11 move away from a couple of capabilities that are crucial for my extension to install and work. As a result, at least for the time being, any plans to continue to support continued development of Komodo-CFML (or even compatibility with this and future versions of Komodo) are on hold.

I’m disappointed, in large part because some of the other updates in Komodo v11 are really impressive. Without support for the language I primarily use the editor for, though, it makes no sense for me to update to this new version.

I had a couple of forum conversations with the Komodo team during the pre-release phase of Komodo v11. I am cautiously optimistic that there might be a path forward. Until then, I’m poking around a bit for alternatives and (so far) coming up mostly empty on one key feature that Komodo + my CFML extension offers: tag-specific attribute help (e.g., if you are in the middle of CFML tag, the code intelligence feature offers attribute suggestions specific to that tag and is aware of which attributes are already in place on the tag) and attribute-specific help (e.g., if you are editing an attribute of a CFML tag which supports a specific set of valid values, those values are presented as possible choices). This makes it fast, easy, and nearly error-proof to get attributes and their values right.

Anyone with recommendations on potentially viable alternatives? Comments are open (at least for a bit, until the spambo[ty]s take over) and suggestions are welcome.

Updating Komodo Color Schemes for Komodo v10 UI

Prompted by an external nudge, I’ve started working on folding support for dealing with the Komodo v10+ UI into my Komodo color schemes.

Prompted by an external nudge, I’ve started working on folding support for dealing with the Komodo v10+ UI into my Komodo color schemes. First up is Solaron-Light, based in part on the nudge and because I use it as my primary scheme. Current implementation is pictured below, although it is likely to get a bit of tuning as I work on its dark counterpart.

Solaron-Light with Komodo v10 UI support
Updated Solaron-Light color scheme for Komodo

Komodo-CFML v0.2.5g

A minor update that adds support for auto-complete for CFML’s operator words (e.g., eq, contains) and, in doing so, fixes a problem with auto-complete for function names that start with specific sequences like “is” and “ge” (e.g., isDefined). It should show up in the Komodo Packages repository later today.

Komodo-CFML v0.2.5

Available as of this evening; more information on the Komodo-CFML page. This one, despite the relatively minor bump in version number, is a complete rewrite of the extension in order to provide the basis for code-intelligence popups for function names, scopes, and keywords. It also provides support for Komodo Edit/IDE v10 (released today).