We made it to Nanchang. Grey and rainy. Grace will be here at 5pm. More to come…

We made it to Nanchang and to our hotel here. The hotel is very nice, much nicer and newer than our hotel in Hong Kong. Very low clouds, very grey, very rainy… and I’m very sure you don’t want to hear about the hotel. We have a meeting at 3pm with our group and our local agency rep, Evelyn, and then all of the babies in our group are being brought here to the hotel at 5pm. I’ll write more later.

Made it to Hong Kong

We made it as far as Hong Kong. We’re wiped out.

We’ve made it as far as Hong Kong, arriving around 8am this morning — it is Friday evening as I write this. The combination of the almost-16-hour plane ride from LA and the time change has left us pretty wiped out. We felt pretty decent until about an hour ago — late afternoon — when all of us just sort of ran out of gas.

After we got checked into our hotel this morning, we got out for a bit of a walk, which felt wonderful after spending so much time cooped up in airplanes yesterday. We’ll do a bit of sightseeing tomorrow (Saturday for us), and then take it easy and rest. We’ll get a pretty early start on Sunday, with our flight from Hong Kong to Nanchang in the morning and then we meet our daughter at some point in the afternoon.

Travel Day

Today, we’ll get on a plane. We’re ready.

Later today, we’ll get on a plane that will take us to a plane that will take us to a plane that will take us to a plane that will take us to a plane to our little girl. We’re (mostly) packed, as rested as could be expected, more than excited, and ready.

We’ll try to post at least occasionally over the next couple weeks. Stay tuned…

One week and counting (down)…

One week from today, we will welcome Li Zhong into our family..

One week from today — less if you take the time difference between here and there into account — we will be in Nanchang and will welcome Li Zhong into our family. At times, it seems hard to believe that more than 3 years have passed since we started this journey. The only thing that really made that time period bearable was our faith that God had a plan for all of this, and that it simply wasn’t yet time for us be matched with a little girl — until now.

These past couple weeks have seemed to take absolutely forever. Time seems to have slowed to a crawl… and yet, as with so many other things, that has worked out: I’ve been able to clear almost all of the major work-related deliverables off my plate, something that just didn’t seem possible 10 days ago.

The timing of our trip with Ian’s spring break from school also counts as just one more little miracle in this process, being just about the only time during the school year that would make it even marginally feasible for him to be part of this next part of our adoption adventure.

Please keep all of us in your prayers these next few weeks: for safe travel for all of us to, in, and from China, and for peace and patience for all of us including Li as we go through a life-changing transition.

Now, back to packing, and list-checking.

Travel Plans

Our travel plans for China and Li are beginning to firm up.

Our travel plans for China are beginning to firm up, now that our agency has received an indication that we have an appointment at the consulate in Guangzhou. Here’s what we know:

  • We will leave on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 12, making a connection in Los Angeles that departs a little after 1am (!) on Thursday morning for Hong Kong and we will arrive in Hong Kong on Friday morning.
  • On Sunday, we fly from Hong Kong to Nanchang, the provincial capital of Jiangxi and we should get Li that same afternoon.
  • We’ll stay in Nanchang until Saturday, March 22 when we fly to Guangzhou.
  • Our consulate appointment is Tuesday, March 25 and we will take the citizenship oath on Li’s behalf on the following afternoon.
  • Thursday, March 27, will have us leaving China to return home via Hong Kong and Los Angeles. With the dateline and time change, we arrive in LA before we left Hong Kong.

At this point, we don’t have anything more definitive for the portions of our agenda in China, but those should become more definite this week.