Base16-based Schemes for Komodo

I’ve been working intermittently on a small set of color schemes for ActiveState Komodo based on Chris Kempson’s Base16 color palette. These have reached a point where I feel OK sharing them for others to use, if interested:

I should point out that these are not “pure” Base16 schemes as there are individual settings in each theme which do not hold completely to the Base16 palettes. In most cases, these are settings where I have tuned particular settings for different contrast (e.g., comments, in at least one of them) based on my own preferences. I should also note that, based on my own tuning, I have not looked closely at setting up templates to create these with Mr. Kempson’s related Base16-Builder project but I plan to go down that road in the near future to see if that is workable.

It’s probably also worth pointing out that, for the most part, any language-specific color settings in these schemes are focused primarily on the languages I use (mostly Web-related stuff) so if I’ve missed your languages or your languages don’t seem to follow the Base16 palette, you may want to do some tweaking yourself. I’m also willing to factor those types of changes back into these as they evolve, hopefully both toward use of the Base16-Builder but also so they can be shared via Komodo’s Resources.

Edit 2014-05-14: These schemes specify¬†Adobe’s Source Code Pro for use as the monospaced font. If you don’t have this font installed, you’ll almost certainly want to switch to your font of choice as your first tweak.