Komodo-TaskJuggler v. 0.1.2

I’ve been using TaskJuggler a bit more at work recently to develop and maintain project schedules, and decided it was time to do a bit more work on my Komodo extension for the TaskJuggler language. This update doesn’t have anything earth-shaking, but does address a few of the more glaring items on my to-do list:

  • User-defined macros are now syntax-highlighted in the same manner as system macros like “projectstart”.
  • More complete highlighting for secondary keywords and column identifiers used in the various types of reports.
  • The “up” and “down” suffixes used to control column sorting in reports are now highlighted.
  • Fixed a couple highlighting oddities related to the overlap between attributes and report column identifiers (where there is a conflict, attributes win).
  • Some minor cleanup in the mode’s UDL file to remove unused kruft leftover from how Komodo sets up projects.

Download the updated version: taskjuggler-0.1.2-ko.xpi