Here we go…

All of these are combining — as they typically do each year — to pile on a good case of the January blues:

  • Li’s birthday is tomorrow. She turns 7. How is this even remotely possible? I can’t believe how fast this past year and, really, all of her life have raced past.
  • Ian heads back to Norman tomorrow morning for the upcoming start of the spring semester of his fourth year of college. Has he really been home for three weeks already? It’s never been easy on any of us when he leaves but the past couple departures have really been hard; this one will be, too.
  • Li goes back to school tomorrow. She’s really excited about this and about her birthday, but also really struggling with Ian’s impending departure. Yesterday was not a good day for her, and the internal tension between her excitement and her sadness was a big part of it.
  • I go back to work on Tuesday (the day after tomorrow), after having been off work for a full three weeks.