Komodo-CFML: minor updates

A couple minor updates to Komodo-CFML, the CFML-specific configuration file for HTMLTidy in Komodo, and a word or two on near-term support for Railo.

I’ve just pushed a couple of minor updates to Komodo-CFML:

  • Better highlighting for numerical HTML character entities to address some goofiness based on their inclusion of the “#” character (e.g., #)
  • Fix to the DTD for ACF10 to address an error in the Adobe tag documentation for the CFIMAGE tag

I’ve also updated the example configuration file for HTMLTidy that I use to let Komodo know which CFML tags are considered valid tags to include the new tags brought to the table by ACF10.

Both of these updates are available on the Komodo-CFML page.

I’m currently working on building a DTD specific to the Railo CFML engines, and hope to provide support for both their current v3.3.x and preliminary v4.x products at some point in the next couple weeks.