Tomcat: Default Web Document List

The next in my series of posts on configuring a Tomcat/ACF10-based development environment, in which we look at specifying the list of default Web documents the server will look for and serve up.

This is the sixth in my series of short posts covering the different aspects of setting up a development environment based on Tomcat and Adobe’s ColdFusion 10 application server stack. For background on this, see the initial post in the series.

The list of default documents the server will provide is specified in ./cfusion/runtime/conf/web.xml and then replaced (if specified) in the ./WEB-INF/web.xml file within each defined context. As all of the ColdFusion configuration is handled at the context level, it makes sense to make this particular change also at the context level. Find the welcome-file-list element toward the end of file ./cfusion/wwwroot/WEB-INF/web.xml and add the needed entries:

<welcome-file-list ...>

Note that order does matter here: the first file found from the list will be served up when the request does not specify the file name. As shown above, we’ll look for index.shtm (which necessitates enabling SSI to function), then index.cfm, then static HTML pages index.html and index.htm. This sequence is specific to how our applications are configured; adjust accordingly per your own configuration needs.

Make the needed changes and restart the server.