Komodo-CFML v0.2.0 Preview (11/2011)

I’ve spent a bit of time this past month or so getting back into my Komodo-CFML project, and have an updated preview available for the 0.2.0 release. This update is based on the following changes:

  • Built against the recently released v. 7.0.0b1 Komodo from ActiveState, but I’ve tested it against the current v. 6.1.x versions of both Komodo IDE and Edit. On a related note, this 7.0.0b1 build is the first of the 7-series I’ve considered stable enough for regular use; if you aren’t using it yet, you might consider at least pulling down a copy and giving it a go (you can have both versions installed concurrently, at least on Mac OS X by appropriately [re]naming the various installs).
  • Updated to incorporate some changes to Komodo’s HTML/JavaScript modes, such as appropriate syntax highlighting of JavaScript code within onXXX() handlers in HTML tags.
  • Much better/more complete handling of Adobe CF 9’s script-only components and interfaces.
  • Some minor fixes in the CFML/CFSCRIPT syntax highlighting.
  • Some minor changes (and some backtracking) in the content model for CFML. I may write more on this at some point, but I may have taken this about as far as I can.

My plan at this point is to address some consistency issues in the tokenizing of different syntax elements that are common across the various languages Komodo-CFML addresses (e.g., parens and braces) and to start working on the XML catalog for Railo’s CFML implementation (possibly along with a unified CFML XML catalog). I have also been doing a bit of work on a different dark color scheme for Komodo based on Chris Kempson’s “Tomorrow” series, and am getting close to making a version of that available.

Download: cfml-0.2.0-ko.xpi