Solarized Color Schemes for Komodo

Partial screenshot showing CFML rendered in Komodo using Solarized-Dark
Solarized-Dark color scheme for Komodo

As promised, I’ve added a dark version of my color scheme for ActiveState’s Komodo (IDE and Edit) platform based on Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized palette. All of the same caveats apply from my previous post when I announced the light version. You are welcome to use and abuse these as you see fit. If you see problems with them, by all means let me know.

Download: Solarized-Dark.ksf
Download: Solarized-Light.ksf

12 thoughts on “Solarized Color Schemes for Komodo”

  1. I’m not (yet?) a git user, so your incorporation of them is probably the quickest/easiest way to get them in. Perfectly OK by me…

  2. @Lori: Glad this might be of value. If you expand the coverage to include other languages in this color scheme and you’d like to have them folded back into this version, do let me know. Maybe we’ll save someone else a bit of pain.

  3. I will follow up with you off-line to get a copy of a file showing this behavior, and will see if it is something I can fix in the color scheme. Thanks for raising this, BTW.

  4. really nice color schemes (I especially like the dark). Thank you so much. By the way, I’m not seeing any problems with php — at least not yet. Why do you specifically recommend Anonymous Pro minus instead of Anonymous Pro? Does it have something to do with Komodo’s inability to handle the bitmaps? Just wondering. I’ve had better luck with AP minus; regular APand Komodo don’t seem to play well together.

  5. Glad you like them. RE Anonymous Pro Minus: from a comment made by one of the ActiveState devs when I asked, the problem is/was traceable back to Komodo’s Gecko engine and that it really didn’t deal well with the embedded bitmaps. I saw similar behavior with several Linux apps in addition to Komodo there. None of that weirdness manifested with Minus on either Mac OS X or Linux (the two platforms I use), and Mark Simonson was great in making some changes to Minus to get it to work even better than it originally did.

  6. Hi Ron, similar dark text problems with the Dark scheme in Komodo 7 and Perl. Let me know if you need an example file. Please fix it, can’t live without it!

  7. @Ron: I will definitely let you know if I add anything, but so far I have not run into a situation where I have opened a file type that was not already included.

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