The Unboxing

Inside the box
Inside the box: everything's out and ready to go. (Tigger included for scale, and because -- well, you know -- he's Tigger.) 2011/02/02

Inside the box, for those of you who haven’t guessed or figured it out, is a Google Chrome OS Cr-48 laptop, the netbook Google is pushing out in a pilot program to test and get feedback on its new netbook OS. Think of a small laptop with a WiFi (or 3G, more on that to come) network connection and no software except a Web browser, and you’ll have a fairly accurate picture. Somehow the Google folks decided I was worthy of getting one as part of their pilot program; I wish I could remember what I wrote on my application to join the pilot…

Box contents: laptop, battery, charger, charger cord, battery installation card (hilarious and worth reading, trust me!), “getting started” instruction card, “Intel Inside” biz card, and Google decal/sticker sheet.