Happy Birthday, Li!

Li's first outing on skis (Jan 2011)
Li's first outing on skis... just ahead of her 4th birthday (Jan 2011)

Today marks birthday #4 for Li, and we’re coming up on three full years with our little girl… who’s not so little these days! This has been a pretty amazing year, marked with changes galore in her life, including

  • she kicked of this year by gaining a new big brother in Mathias, our exchange student from Denmark
  • she started preschool right after Ian left for OU for college — and while she loves preschool, she’s not crazy about losing her brother (and she’s going to miss him terribly when he leaves for school in ten days)
  • she’s finally figuring out the sleep thing — early November she must have finally decided it was OK to sleep through the night in her bed in her room… and she has since ditched the crib/day bed for a “real” bed (all of which brought much rejoicing for all of us!)
  • she got out on skis for the first time in her life — just squeaked under the wire on that one, as Li and I got our for a bit of skiing in the tracks set around Tautphaus Park just yesterday