Stepping back into Komodo-CFML

Now that I’m past the end of the fall soccer season and feeling like I’m a little closer to being caught up with other portions of my life (probably a delusion, but I like it!), I’m going to be stepping back into working on Komodo-CFML again for the next few months. Some ideas for stuff I will be looking into and/or implementing:

  • At least rudimentary formatting for stuff “crunched” into strings for evaluation (e.g. variables, function calls)
  • At least basic handling for files containing only CFSCRIPT (e.g., components) without the CFSCRIPT tags
  • Full support for the Railo’s v3.2 CFSCRIPT implementation
  • Basing Komodo-CFML on Komodo 6’s support for HTML5 and CSS3

And if you’re currently using Komodo-CFML and there are things you’d like to see implemented — other than CFML tag insight (that’s already on my list and something I may or may not actually get to in the next few months; I will write more on that in a separate blog post at some point) — throw in a comment here. I’m curious.

No promises here, in terms of any of that actually working or getting done, but it’s all stuff I want to see in place. Stay tuned…

Update: As of 20 January, I think I’ve wrapped up pretty much everything I’m going to include in 0.1.7. Over the next couple days, I will be updating the Komodo-CFML page with new versions of the extension for download, information about what has changed and what’s coming, as well as making sure the page itself is current.

4 thoughts on “Stepping back into Komodo-CFML”

  1. @Jeff: There has to be one in every crowd, I suppose… I toyed with bouncing your “comment” just on general principles.

  2. Oi mate.. any chance you can do another post or something when you have an update/release ?
    Reader doesn’t pick up just updates to a previously viewed page…

  3. Not a problem; I will try to remember to not just update my project page with the information on new versions but also throw out a completely new post.

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