Stepping back into Komodo-CFML

I’m planning on stepping back into working on Komodo-CFML in the next few days, and I’ve got some ideas for things to look into incorporating.

Now that I’m past the end of the fall soccer season and feeling like I’m a little closer to being caught up with other portions of my life (probably a delusion, but I like it!), I’m going to be stepping back into working on Komodo-CFML again for the next few months. Some ideas for stuff I will be looking into and/or implementing:

  • At least rudimentary formatting for stuff “crunched” into strings for evaluation (e.g. variables, function calls)
  • At least basic handling for files containing only CFSCRIPT (e.g., components) without the CFSCRIPT tags
  • Full support for the Railo’s v3.2 CFSCRIPT implementation
  • Basing Komodo-CFML on Komodo 6’s support for HTML5 and CSS3

And if you’re currently using Komodo-CFML and there are things you’d like to see implemented — other than CFML tag insight (that’s already on my list and something I may or may not actually get to in the next few months; I will write more on that in a separate blog post at some point) — throw in a comment here. I’m curious.

No promises here, in terms of any of that actually working or getting done, but it’s all stuff I want to see in place. Stay tuned…

Update: As of 20 January, I think I’ve wrapped up pretty much everything I’m going to include in 0.1.7. Over the next couple days, I will be updating the Komodo-CFML page with new versions of the extension for download, information about what has changed and what’s coming, as well as making sure the page itself is current.

4 thoughts on “Stepping back into Komodo-CFML”

  1. @Jeff: There has to be one in every crowd, I suppose… I toyed with bouncing your “comment” just on general principles.

  2. Oi mate.. any chance you can do another post or something when you have an update/release ?
    Reader doesn’t pick up just updates to a previously viewed page…

  3. Not a problem; I will try to remember to not just update my project page with the information on new versions but also throw out a completely new post.

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