Some of the stuff I’m involved in at work was featured on the INL external Web site this week, but I’m not the first person from our family to be seen there.

I had a bit of a surprise this week at work when I found out that some of the stuff I work on was featured on the INL’s external Web site: it’s currently a featured article on a project I’ve been involved in for better than 10 years which is in and of itself kind of an oddity from the standpoint of project lifespan. (If it has been pushed off by more important or more current stuff, it is still available here.)

Deb pointed out that I’m only the second member of our family to make the INL’s external Web site this year — Ian made it earlier for his involvement with the cybersecurity program there — and his article at least had a picture of him with someone important.

I’m just hoping this isn’t my 15 minutes of fame… I’m hoping for something more.