Our Hiker Girl

Li and me
Li and me at one of the overlooks on the Cress Creek nature trail -- July 2010

With the long weekend over the July 4th holiday, we wanted to get out and do a bit of walking one day. With abc carrying both World Cup matches on Saturday (meaning we could watch the early one and record the later, or so we thought — more on that in a minute), and a cooler weather forecast, Saturday seemed perfect… and it was pretty close.

We haven’t done much hiking to this point with Li for a variety of reasons, but it is something we’ve wanted to get started (and to get re-started for ourselves). For our first time out with her, we thought the Cress Creek nature trail near Heise would be a good start, and it really was. Li did great, walking the whole way and thoroughly enjoying herself. Lots of wildflowers out (flax, Sego lilies, monkeyflowers along the creek, wild roses), perfect temperature, a bit of a breeze, great views of the river and valley back toward Idaho Falls, a picnic lunch at the top of the trail… a very enjoyable way to spend a couple hours on a beautiful day.

Li caught a bit of a nap on the way back into town — not surprising given the walk — and woke up just as we hit the edge of town. The only part of the plan that didn’t come off perfectly was that the digital converter box on TV powered itself off between when we left and the start of the second World Cup match, but our friend Nick came to our rescue with a copy of the match on disc for us to watch…