Is that really…?

My new lawn mower: a Fiskars “Momentum” reel mower. The verdict: it works well.

My new mower: a Fiskars "Momentum" reel mower
My new mower: a Fiskars "Momentum" reel mower (May 2010)

Yes, it “reelly” is my new lawn mower. It’s a real reel mower… as in human powered, and it’s great! I had a bit of time yesterday afternoon after we returned from SLC, so I finished putting it together and ran it over the lawn for its maiden voyage.

I had seen one in an ad a month or so ago and had been thinking about getting a new mower. There are aspects of these (my experience with the monster of my youth aside) that have appealed to me: quiet, no gas/oil, no pollution, a little exercise, better cut. Our lawn isn’t huge, so we decided to go ahead and give it a try.

The verdict: it works well. I grew up pushing an older monster version of this type of mower (oddly, as soon as I and my brother left for college, it was replaced with a power mower) and this has very little in common with that beast. This is a Fiskar’s “Momentum” mower and is self-proclaimed to be the “world’s most advanced reel mower”. The owner’s manual is filled with phrases like “StaySharp cutting system”, “InertiaDrive Technology”, and “VersaCut design”, but the bottom line for me is that it cuts well, is reasonably easy to push, and is quiet. It even folds up to take up less space in the garage. Even going through portions of the lawn where I was cutting quite a bit of length from the grass, it was relatively easy to push.

Tough to get too excited about a lawn mower, but this one is pretty cool.