Back Home and Catching Up

I made it home from a week in DC in one piece after a full week there and I’m trying to get caught up on lots of stuff around here.

I made it home from DC on Friday in one piece, and although both of the connections on the flight home were very close I actually arrived as scheduled. This trip was the first time in quite a while I bumped into any problems going east; usually it’s the other way around. I had a full but good week in DC:

  • Good food: Indian at the Polo Club near Dupont Circle on Tuesday, South American at La Choza someplace out toward Vienna/Fairfax on Wednesday, and Spanish on Thursday (I have to track down the name of the place where we met for dinner)
  • Met Jim and Brittany for dinner on Wednesday evening; it was great to get to see them again and spend some time catching up with them
  • A week filled with project meetings (a couple of which were surprisingly productive) and presentations
  • Had a few minutes to spend between meetings on Thursday morning at the Sackler Gallery across the street from DOE’s headquarters in the Forrestal Building

The early start on Friday morning for a 6:10 flight out of Reagan made for a long day, but it was nice to get home by mid-day.

Friday evening was the start of a soccer tournament here in Idaho Falls, and we’ve been blessed with glorious weather the past couple days (and today looks to be more of the same). Ian’s team played one match Saturday afternoon (a 2-0 win against a good team) and has two more slated for Sunday. We’ve got a couple more weeks of league play before the end of the season and are planning on wrapping things up with a tournament in Utah over Memorial Day weekend.

Ian and Fi, Graduation Dance -- May 2010

Ian’s senior year of high school is winding down, with the graduation dance Saturday evening sort of serving as the beginning of the end. He and Fi did stop back here at home after dinner so that we could get a picture or two before they headed off to the dance. They are already finished with their AP tests for the semester and it sounds like the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty loose in terms of school itself. Graduation itself is June 2 for their high school… Deb and I are still trying to get our heads around the thought that Ian will be done with high school and moving on to the next phase of his life.