St. Louis so far…

St. Louis so far is definitely a mixed bag: ugly ride into town on the train, but a decent hotel and good food. Awards presentation for Ian and Teagan yesterday morning, their big presentation this morning, and sushi on the menu for tonight.

Ian and Teagan on the train into St. Louis
Ian (l) and Teagan (r) on the train into St. Louis Monday afternoon (01/2010)

… is kind of a mixed bag. Ian, Teagan (a friend of Ian’s), and I are back here for the week for a conference (more on that in a bit), but I don’t yet really have much of an opinion aside from initial impressions. We flew in on Monday and rode the train from the airport into the downtown area to the hotel. The train ride was grey, brown, and rust: a grey blustery day, nothing green in sight, and passing through areas of run-down industrial and urban decay on the west side of the city. I’m a little surprised at the lack of effort on the part of the city to do anything to clean up the area, given the impression it leaves on someone new to town. Depressing.

The hotel where we are staying and where the conference is being hosted is pretty decent and is big enough that it doesn’t seem stretched to hold us all. Decent food within walking distance (very good Italian at J.F. Sanfilippo’s on Monday — made even better by great service — and decent Med last night at Nara’s). Looks like several sushi and Irish places close to us, too. We’ll probably check those out the next couple evenings. We haven’t really had much of a chance to get out and see anything, but the food and the hotel have been a bit of a counterpoint to the ride in…

Ian and Teagan were presented their awards at the conference yesterday morning in one of the plenary sessions, following a great presentation by Alan Paller of the SANS Institute. I’ll post a picture or two if I can track them down. They have their presentation this morning; I’m sure both of them will be glad to be past that so they can just enjoy the rest of the conference.

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  1. Good to hear about your trip back to the Midwest. How did Ian and Teagan’s presentation go, and have you had a chance to see/do anything outside the conference center?
    Love, Mom

  2. I’ve got a follow-up post coming (no, really, I do!) with some more details, but their presentation went well. Aside from getting out to eat, about all we’ve had time for has been a walk down to the Arch, which was — I will admit — much cooler than I had expected.

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