A bit chilly here this morning…

Current weather: -12 F, with a wind chill well below that.

Current weather conditions this morning (01/2010)

This is what we found this morning, in checking the weather. Brutal.

Edit: And as of this morning (Friday, January 8), it’s showing us at -11 degrees F (and still dropping), but without the breeze…

2 thoughts on “A bit chilly here this morning…”

  1. OMG. I am a little behind in reading your posts and just found this one today. Does one even venture outside when it feels like -30 degrees? I am speechless.

  2. @Cyn: Oh, yeah. As long as you’re dressed for it — as in not much exposed skin — and active, it’s really not that unpleasant to be out. It’s when the air temperature itself is -30 that it starts getting cold enough to not go out.

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