Blog Traffic

Yesterday, a co-worker pointed out to me that Web traffic from our network to my blog is blocked; that made me wonder what sort of traffic numbers I was seeing here.

Yesterday, a co-worker pointed out to me that the proxy/monitoring software “they” use on our network was now blocking traffic to my blog. This is something relatively recent, which made me curious about what level of traffic I get here from my work domain, particularly given that the overall traffic numbers have really never been all that impressive. Clearly, I’m serving a very discerning albeit small readership…

Google Analytics makes answering a question like that incredibly simple. I pulled traffic numbers for the period from 1 January 2009 through today, and found

  • 1,339 total visits
  • 1,958 page views
  • an average of 1.46 pages/visit
  • an average time on site of 0:00:50

Like I said, not all that impressive overall. So, what do the numbers look like for visits from my work network for that same period?

  • 97 visits
  • 1.88 pages/visit
  • an average of 0:00:37 on site

Yup, that works out to less than one visit every two days. Like I said: not all that impressive. Maybe it is the subversive nature of the content…