Still catching up

Lousy (wet, cool, and windy) weather today, so we’re trying to get caught up on some things around here; a couple pictures from this past spring soccer season.

The weather here today (and, in reality, most of this week) has been pretty lousy; it’s pelting down rain and the wind is blowing right now. We’re trying to make the best of it by getting caught up on stuff that just seems to have been overtaken or lost in the scramble these past couple of months.

Li watching one of Ian's soccer matches (Spring 2009)
Li watching one of Ian's soccer matches (Spring 2009)

I was going through some pictures our friend John took during the course of the soccer season; pictures of most of our team and quite a few of Li. He got quite a few really good ones; here are a couple.

This picture of Li has to have been taken on one of the few halfway decent days on which we had matches, given what she’s wearing and given that her hair isn’t streaming out behind her from the wind. Until the final two weeks of the season, most of the matches were played in some combination of extreme wind, rain, or snow.

Ian on the ball (Spring 2009)
Ian on the ball (Spring 2009)

Given the generally lousy weather we saw all season — I can remember only two practice sessions all season that I was there in shorts without warmups — it was somewhat fitting that we closed our season out on the Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend with an early match under grey skies and light showers at the State Cup tournament. The exception to that was a local tournament a week ahead of State Cup, where we did get to play in relatively warm weather and under sunny skies. This picture of Ian is one of the few John got where the players aren’t all wearing at least one layer under their uniforms.

I’m headed for DC for most of this next week, and as much as I like DC, I’m not looking forward to being gone.

2 thoughts on “Still catching up”

  1. I’m so glad that you guys are finally getting a little break in the weather. It is so hot here that it takes your breath. That’s summer in the south!

    I love the picture of Ian. He looks like a pro…of course, I know that he IS a star. Tell him hey for us.

  2. @Sam: actually, given the weather, I think we’d take some heat. We haven’t really had all that much yet. A day or two up low 80s is about all we’ve been able to manage, and after the cool (OK, cold!) wet spring we had until right before Memorial Day, these days in the 60s with rain aren’t all that exciting. We did catch a two-hour break where the sun poked through the clouds long enough for Deb to go out and do a bit of work in the garden and I managed to just get the yard mowed before the next round of showers rolled in… weird weather for this desert we live in.

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