First(s) of March

Yesterday was the first of March, and we’ve got some other firsts of note.

Li enjoying the spring's first trip to the swings (March 2009)
Li enjoying the spring's first trip to the swings (March 2009)

Yesterday was the first day of March, and we noted several firsts worth (at least to us) recording here:

  • It was the first weekend during this winter-to-spring transition with weather conducive to being outside. We spent a couple hours on Saturday working and playing in the snow in the backyard (pruning our Dr. Seuss tree and digging out the patio from the accumulated snow and ice from the winter). It was wonderful just to be outside in the sunshine, even if it was still pretty cool.
  • Sunday was even nicer, so we walked over to the neighborhood school for some time playing on the swings and the slides. Li is significantly braver now on the playground toys than even just a few months ago, and had a blast just being outside.
  • This weekend marked the first time Li has referred to Deb as “Momma”. Until now, it has been “Ba”, but we’re clearly getting “m’s” in there now. Ian’s name is getting clearer, too, as part of this language explosion that started a couple weeks ago.

This month will also mark our first full year with Li, which is hard to believe. At this point last year, we were getting ready for long flight and the start of our life together…

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  1. WOW! Can’t believe it has been a year! What a sweet picture of you 2, makes me miss you. Hey, like I have said before-if you are ever looking for a destination for a road trip-summer in OR is fabulous! Would love to see you.
    Miss you all! Congrats on being called Momma! 🙂

    Love Chris

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