WordPress 2.7 — wow!

Ran a quick upgrade to get my blog to the newly-released WordPress 2.7, and my first reaction is “Wow!”

WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” was released yesterday and given that I had a few minutes to spare this morning, I went ahead and upgraded. As has typically been the case for me in the past, the upgrade went flawlessly (at least, as far as I can tell) and took less than 5 minutes. The only kink I ran into was that I needed to flush by browser’s cache/history because something in there was causing the administrative interface to go wonky. I’d sit on either the dashboard or the “Add New Post” page without touching anything, and after about 5 seconds the page would auto-reload to a page showing what appeared to be the formatting buttons used in HTML mode. All is, however, now well.

All I can say at this point is “Wow!” The WordPress team has given it a major overhaul. It looks and acts completely different. It’s definitely faster, more customizable, and much more polished.