MAX: Made it to San Francisco

We made it to San Francisco for Adobe’s MAX conference at the Moscone Convention Center late last night. The trip itself got off to a pretty rocky start when Jeff happened to check his e-mail and found a message from Delta indicating that our IF to SLC flight had been cancelled, and that Delta had graciously booked us on the next available flight: leaving IF at 6pm… the next day.

A quick trip to the airport, a conversation with a Delta employee, and we were off to Pocatello to catch a different flight to SLC that would enable us to hit our original connection from SLC to San Francisco. After that it was surprisingly smooth: we were early into SLC, and actually early into SF, too, but having to sit for 20+ minute on the tarmac waiting for a gate to open up — the one disadvantage of being early, I suppose — negated that. A quick cab ride later, we were dropped at the door to the King George Hotel on Mason on downtown SF. Cool older hotel. Free WIFI. Clean. Not bad at all.

We will start today with a walk over to the convention center to get checked in, and the day’s keynote kicks off the conference sked at 9:30am. Looks to be a full day, with sessions running all the way up to 6pm and a welcome reception from 6:30 – 8:30pm. The sessions this afternoon and tomorrow that I’ve signed up for look pretty meaty, with Wednesday being the lightest day at present.

I’m off to find a cup of coffee. I’ll write more later…