End of the Season

Late summer mornings working in the flower beds with Mom
Late summer mornings working in the flower beds with Mom

It has been quite a while since I wrote much, but it feels like we’ve reached a couple of recent “ends” within the past couple weeks all at roughly the same time…

We’ve reached the end of the fall soccer season just a couple of days. One of the teams I coach at Taylorview reached the semi-finals of the post-season tournament before losing 3-2 in a penalty kick shootout. The finished the season with a very decent record, going into the tournament as the #2 seed from the south pod of the league. They played well the last four matches of the season, finishing strong, playing decent defense and a very attractive style. These guys were a treat to work with these past three months and as much as I’m looking forward to having my weekends and evenings back, I will miss these guys.

There's nothing like corn on the cob fresh from the garden!
There's nothing like fresh corn from the garden!

We’ve reached the end of the garden, too, with hard freezes pretty much every night now and having had our first snowfall, with a couple inches falling on Saturday (a large chunk of which fell during our first tournament match). The peaches are long since done, and we had an extraordinary crop this year. We thinned and thinned and thinned and still had more that we could eat. The strawberries and tomatoes and corn are done, too, and we’ll all miss that. Li will miss it as much or more than the rest of us…

And we’ve reached the end of the summer in more than just a calendar sense. We’re definitely in autumn now, with cold mornings and evenings, ever-shortening days, golden light in the evenings, the occasional snowfall, and heavy frosts in the morning. Li is back in her fleece sleepers at night, although she pretty much refuses to let us pull down the feet to cover up those cold little toes of hers. She now snuggles up each night with not just her stuffed monkey (named “Monkey”, of course) but also a stuff cow named “Boo” (Li-speak for “moo”) and doll her friend Kate gave her (named “Doll”, appropriately). When she’s ready to get up in the mornings, she’ll be standing there in the crib with a big smile (most days) and her arms full of her friends, waiting to be picked up.

Just two more cherry tomatoes...
Just two more cherry tomatoes...

Her vocabulary is blossoming, and words are coming in pairs more and more frequently. We can’t drive anywhere without her pointing out all of the “big trucks” (which to the unlearned sounds much like “boo duck”) and “big trees” (“boo tees”). “Please” is making more frequent appearances, as is “Daddy”. Her all-purpose word these days is “dosh”, which we finally decided is sort of like “sauce” and she uses it for both apple sauce and soap (“body sauce”, I suppose) in the bath tub. She knows that balls are for kicking, and loves chasing her soccer balls around the house and kicking them back and forth with Ian. (And I caught her reading the adidas section of the Eurosport catalog this evening before dinner!)

Our friend Teri’s dog named Rudy is “Dee”, Ian’s girlfriend Fi is “Fee” or “Gee”, and Ian is something that sounds quite a bit like “bro” right now. Yoghurt is “doo” or something like that. “Peach” and “apple” are very recognizable, as is “juice”, “up”, “down”, “house”, “bath”, “bus”, “dog”, “kitty”, “duck” (although a duck’s quack still sounds alot like a dog growling), “book”, and “goat”.

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  1. We check this web page periodically to see your family. It was so nice to see pictures of Deb and Li. We miss you guys oodles and wish we could hear all those new words. Big hugs to you all, take care.

  2. @Chris: Thanks for the note! It’s wonderful to hear from you. I know that Deb particularly misses her little garden helpers from next door in the garden. I’m sure Aiden would be reminding Deb that it’s about time to cover the strawberries for the winter if you guys were still here.

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