Blog Stats for March 2008

In response to a question from a friend, here is a summary of traffic to my blog during March 2008.

I use Google’s Analytics to track traffic on my blog; in response to a question posed by a friend in a conversation this week, here is a summary of the traffic during March 2008:

  • 631 visits by 281 unique visitors from 39 different countries and from 34 states in the US
  • 1,478 page views
  • Firefox accounted for 55% of the visits, with Internet Explorer accounting for 38%, and Safari about 4%

2 thoughts on “Blog Stats for March 2008”

  1. Posting the stats on your blog truly confirms your “geek” status. I was beginning to doubt you were actually a geek, afterall your kids are cool, your car is cool, your read cool books and like cool music . . . but now all is clear.

  2. @Mark: Deb would likely be the first to tell you that you clearly have no idea how deep the geekiness runs…

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