Slow Return to Normal

Life is slowly returning to normal — a new normal dominated by the rhythm of life with little girl — here.

Life is in fact slowly returning to something that is beginning to feel like normal. A new and different normal, to be sure, but normal none the less.

Ian is back in school, spring soccer has started up and we have our first league match this evening, most of the snow is now gone (aside from the shaded places in our back yard and garden where we had some pretty impressive drifts pile up over the winter), and we are gradually getting caught up on things around the house. I’m still at home these days, and will continue to be for at least a couple more weeks. I can’t imagine having to go back to work at this point and realize how blessed I am to be in a position of being able to have this time with family.

Li as her smiling, happy selfOur new normal is of course dominated (dictated?) at this point by the rhythm of life with an almost-15-month old little girl. Li, for the most part, is adjusting extraordinarily well: she’s healthy, happy (most of the time), active, curious, learning, babbling away, and definitely eating well. Bedtime and naptime are still tough, but bedtime is in actually getting a little easier, and she’s sleeping better. We’ve finally gotten 6 and 7 hours, respectively, of uninterrupted sleep the past two nights which makes a huge difference for her and for us (although I think Deb and I will need a few more of those to begin to feel like we are not sleep-deprived). She’s eating well, loves to be read to (which Deb and I both find exciting and surprising, because we don’t believe she has been exposed to books before), and yesterday we started seeing her stand on her own for a few seconds at a time.

She’s pretty cautious and shy at first around other people, particularly at first, which is both understandable and a good thing as she continues to bond with us. We’re taking it pretty slowly in terms of exposing her to friends and even to family.

To those of you who have offered your help and your prayers, we say a huge “Thank You!”. You have no idea how much those have helped and have meant (and continue to mean!) to us these past weeks.