We Survived “Gotcha” Day

We all survived “gotcha” day, some in better shape than others.

Li Zhong at the end of Gotcha DayWe did in fact survive “gotcha” day. Most of the little girls were late, as they were stuck in traffic on their way into Nanchang. So we waited. After three-plus years, what’s another 45 minutes? First four showed up, then the remaining five. As they came in, we could hear one of them screaming. Not crying. Screaming. That would be our Li Zhong.

That picture, taken a few minutes after 9pm, represents the only time since we were handed her by one of the orphanage workers that she wasn’t screaming. She just finally wore herself out after almost four hours of pretty much non-stop crying. I’m not sure who in that picture is more tired.

We couldn’t get her to eat anything, so I’m sure she is going to wake up starving. We’ve got an early start tomorrow with appointments at several of the government officials to get the paperwork for her visa started, then a trip to Wal-Mart — yes, that store, even in Nanchang — for baby supplies.

So, for all of you out there reading this, keep us in our prayers… the next few days are definitely going to be hard on all of us. Having said that, though, it is moments like these that both give us hope and make it all worth it.

5 thoughts on “We Survived “Gotcha” Day”

  1. That is a great picture. Some the best memories of my kids being small are taking a nap with them sound asleep on my chest. I hope she doesn’t wake up screaming. Thanks for keeping us posted and have safe travels.

    — kent

  2. Hi, Ron! Congrats on Gotcha Day — sounds like it was quite the adventure =D That’s an adorable picture, too, you both look very worn out. I have to say I was surprised at the screaming – hard to believe she got any noise past those cheeks!
    Good luck these next few days, send my love to Deb and Ian!

    P.S. You forgot “Uncle” in your Author section……..

  3. All, thanks for the comments and the prayers!

    @Kent: the screaming continues but in smaller doses and less frequently, but still at full volume.

    @Sue: Thank you! We definitely still need them…

    @Asia: To say we were both worn out is an understatement; we’re still working through all of this. (And thanks for the reminder — how could I have forgotten?!?)

  4. absolutely thrilled to see your pictures and your comments. Grace is a doll! Can’t wait to see her. Don’t know whether I’ll be able to carry her — she’s a big girl. Hope the rest of your trip is great, no more screaming, and a safe, enjoyable flight back home. Hope to see you soon.

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