Firefox 3b4 is out

Firefox 3b4 is out, but still suffers from some minor borderline-annoying problems.

As of late yesterday, Mozilla has released beta 4 of Mozilla Firefox 3. Still not yet ready for prime time but getting close. At least on one of my Linux boxes, it still suffers from some wierdness with the dynamic aspects of GMail (the address auto-complete dropdown is completely munged, for example).

I also found a post showing how to control the size of the comment text and URLs in Firefox 3’s new “location bar”. Adding the following two lines to your userCrome.css file help (particularly on Mac OS X where the text size difference is even more striking):

.ac-comment { font-size: 90% !important; }
.ac-url-text { font-size: 90% !important; }

(On my Mac at work, I dropped those to 85% and 75%, respectively.)