Travel Plans

Our travel plans for China and Li are beginning to firm up.

Our travel plans for China are beginning to firm up, now that our agency has received an indication that we have an appointment at the consulate in Guangzhou. Here’s what we know:

  • We will leave on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 12, making a connection in Los Angeles that departs a little after 1am (!) on Thursday morning for Hong Kong and we will arrive in Hong Kong on Friday morning.
  • On Sunday, we fly from Hong Kong to Nanchang, the provincial capital of Jiangxi and we should get Li that same afternoon.
  • We’ll stay in Nanchang until Saturday, March 22 when we fly to Guangzhou.
  • Our consulate appointment is Tuesday, March 25 and we will take the citizenship oath on Li’s behalf on the following afternoon.
  • Thursday, March 27, will have us leaving China to return home via Hong Kong and Los Angeles. With the dateline and time change, we arrive in LA before we left Hong Kong.

At this point, we don’t have anything more definitive for the portions of our agenda in China, but those should become more definite this week.