Now that we have been matched with Li Zhong, we have to let our adoption agency know — officially — what our daughter’s “English” name will be once the adoption has been finalized. This is something Deb and I have talked about since we started this process. I don’t remember where within these past three years we reached this decision, but early on we settled on “Grace” for her first name.

Her name will be Grace Li Zhong…

“Grace” as in God’s grace, as in a gift, something precious given solely out of love without expectation and unearned. We will keep her given Chinese name because it’s beautiful (literally) and because from the minute we saw our first small photograph of her, we knew it fit. “Li” means beautiful and “Zhong” means China or middle of China. We will probably call her Li (or something based on that) when we welcome her to our family.

Grace Li Zhong: a beautiful gift of God, given from the heart of China.