Winter Storms and the Chinese Orphanages

We’ve been watching the news sites (the BBC News site has had the most information) the past three weeks with more than a little anxiety. Our adoption agency posted an update indicating that Li Zhong’s orphanage is OK, which is a relief. The people of China still need our prayers and support as they continue working their way out of this…

We’ve been watching the news sites (the BBC News site has had the most information) the past three weeks with more than a little anxiety as they have reported on the impacts of the winter storms in China and the massive problems those storms have caused the people of China. The storms have caused massive power outages — some still on-going, even at this point three weeks later — and disrupted pretty much all of the travel and transportation in large parts of the country. Those storms hit just as millions of people were trying to return to their families to celebrate the start of the Chinese lunar new year this past week.

With a little girl somewhere in China, possibly in the midst of this, we have been praying fervently (and asking for prayers) for all of the orphanages and the people of China as they struggle with this.

Our adoption agency posted a bit of information yesterday indicating that Li Zhong’s orphanage is doing fine and the children are all OK. Many of the other orphanages in the most heavily impacted provinces are still dealing with lack of power and/or lack of heat. Almost all of the orphanages in the impacted areas of China are dealing with shortages of supplies (e.g., water, diapers, medicine) as a result of the disruptions of transportation.

Knowing that Li Zhong’s orphanage is doing OK is a huge relief and an answer to our most immediate prayers, but there are still millions of people in China, including not just the orphans and their caregivers but also all of the families whose homes have been destroyed (one BBC News article indicated over a million homes had been destroyed or damaged by the storms), those who could not return home to their families for the holiday, and the Chinese government, who need our prayers and our help. Please keep praying…

2 thoughts on “Winter Storms and the Chinese Orphanages”

  1. Hi Ron – congratulations on your referral – James shared the news with me – and I am so happy for your family.

    Are you familiar with Half The Sky Foundation (HTS)? They are an organization, formed by families who adopted from China, whose purpose is to aid those orphans left behind in China. I was wondering if your daughter happened to be at one of the HTS facilities – I saw from your posts that she is in Jiangxi province.

    If you have time, check out the HTS web site. There is an interesting story written by a HTS board member who was in China during this difficult time trying to get supplies to one of their facilities – his article really puts things in perspective. You can find the HTS site at – and the story here –

    Best wishes to your family.

    Jody Galbraith

  2. @Jody: We aren’t familiar with it, but we will take a look and thanks for the pointer to them. It has been more than a little nerve-wracking to watch what little we have seen of the problems via the news, with very little in the way of concrete info on how the orphanages and the children are faring…

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