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We got our packet today with more details about our Li Zhong… by all accounts, she sounds like a happy, healthy little girl.

Li ZhongWe got our packet today with more details about our Li Zhong…

“Li” means beautiful, and “Zhong” means China or middle of China. She was taken in at the orphanage on January 16, 2007. Based on the report we have, she typically wakes up around 7:30 am, takes a two-hour nap around noon, and goes to bed around 8:00 pm. She’s a “moderate” sleeper, and doesn’t need to eat during the night. In addition to rice- and milk-based formula, she eats eggs and noodles. She sits alone steadily, holds her head up while lying on her stomach, rolls over on her own, tears paper (hmmm…), and juggles. OK, that’s an exaggeration: she can hold blocks in both hands at the same time, and can pick up blocks with either hand.

She knows her name when she’s called, imitates sounds, follows motion by moving her head from side to side, and distinguishes between strangers and acquaintances. She laughs aloud, has a ready smile, has quick reactions, and she is described as active, restless at times, and sometimes impatient (sounds kind of like me). Her favorite activity is playing outside and her favorite toys are little animal toys.

The most recent medical information we have is from late October, and at that time she was just over 29 inches tall and weighed a little less than 19 pounds. We don’t know if that is with or without clothes, which might be significant as we’ve heard several times that they tend to overdress the children. (We’re guessing those cheeks are good for about 6 pounds each.) Everything (vision, hearing, heart, bones, mental development, blood count, hepatitis stuff) all checked out normal.

She sounds like a happy, healthy little girl.

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  1. I just read today’s update…wow. Now that I’ve had my daily tears of joy, I can continue with work. I am so happy and full of joy for all three of you. She looks like she belongs with you.

  2. Congratulations!!!! She is adorable. I must agree that those cheeks are ~6lbs each. I can only imagine how exciting you must be. I hope you are able to update the blog while you are in China. I do enjoy following the journey.

    — kent

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